George Bosevski

The Company

AppInTheBox is a leading independent games studio based in Melbourne, Australia and is the creator of the globally successful iOS game Drop the Chicken and the recent sequel Drop The Chicken 2 - Back to the Circus.

Originally part of a larger digital agency, AppInTheBox split up in 2010 to become it's own company focussed solely on mobile app & game development.

With our strong history as a one of Australia's leading digital agencies, and a unique skillset developed in the web and design industries, we were well placed to move into the mobile space.

Since our founding we have developed several innovative games and utility apps as well as a broad range of highly successful corporate apps.


Taking Care of Business

"With the success of Drop the Chicken on iPhone and iPad, AppInTheBox is keen to become one of the most well known iOS app companies in the world and we will push the boundaries on a broad range of platforms.

As we look to grow over the next few years I am extremely proud of what we have achieved so far and even more excited about our outlook. Making apps is our core business, we love what we do and we do it well."

George Bosevski - Director


Our Commitment

"We are a boutique agency, our 2 directors 100% own and manage the business and we take great pride in every app we release.  Our aim is to make great, good quality apps and games that we and our kids would like to use and play ourselves. 

We believe that what you do says a lot about who you are, and we put everything into these titles.  We love what we do and we hope our commitment shows in our products.

We really apprecaite all the positive feedback we receive and we read, and take seriously every single review on every one of our products."

Ben Jarris - Director 


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