Retina HD iPhone 5
iPhone 4 and 5
Battle Of The Tunes  

Battle of the Tunes is a fun filled, addictive and hilarious social game. It is kind of like playing audio charades with friends but way more awesome.

The aim is to pick a song, person or sound from one of the lists and then record a short sample for your friend to guess.

You can't use the name of the answer in your recording but you can sing, hum, whistle, talk or do whatever you can to get them to guess right.

The more you get right the more coins you win and the more lists and options you can unlock. It is great fun to play and can get pretty funny as you go.

The game includes stacks of song lists with all your favourites as well as TV tunes, movie soundtracks, people to impersonate, animal and other sounds.

  • Record audio to send to your friend to help them guess.
  • Impersonate famous people, sounds, animals and objects
  • All the songs you know and love, including TV and movie tunes
  • Over 11,000 songs and tracks to guess from and 22 lists with more on the way
  • Use lifelines to narrow the options
  • Unlock new lists with your winnings
  • Gorgeous retina graphics, iPhone 5 full screen compatible
  • Facebook integration for easy login
  • Share your audio to Facebook so your friends can guess as well
  • Easy and fun to play. Very addictive, social game play
  • Great for all ages, with lists to suit everyones tastes
  • Play with friends or on your own
  • Mix it up and bet your coins to double or even times your coins by 10
  • Sing, hum wistle or talk, anything to help your friend get it right.
  • Over a year in production


Check out the official website at 


We hope you enjoy the game!

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