IOS 4 & 5 Compatible
HD Graphics
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Car Crusher  

Puzzle Crushin' Fun!

Car Crusher is a fun filled, addictive and challenging puzzle game. Becoming a junkyard millionaire is no easy task. It will take all your skills and talents to send as many cars as possible smashing down into the claws of the Car Crusher!

Your mission is to set up the factory wall and position all the tools in just the right way to send your car crashing and tumbling down to the crusher, while collecting all the money bags along the way.

Use magnets, conveyors, portholes, bouncers, industrial balloons, truck tyres, fans and beams in your effort to get all the cash and wreck as many cars as possible! Think before you release your cars and be sure to avoid the dynamite, grinders and other perils.

It's not going to be easy! There is no time limit, just stacks of awesome puzzles!

Finish all the levels in a stage to open the 'Quick Cash' bonus levels where you have the chance to grabs some serious cash and gain some valuable points.


  • 64 tricky levels over 4 stages
  • 4 bonus levels & hidden easter eggs
  • Universal: iPhone & iPad cross compatible
  • Game Center with awesome achievements and leaderboards
  • Great for all ages, easy to learn
  • Very addictive, brain training, memory improving game play
  • Full community on Facebook
  • Battery performance controls
  • Days worth of challenging puzzles to solve
  • Play your own music in the background while you play
  • Regular updates - We want to make sure this game is one of the best on the store!


We hope you enjoy the game, if you have any questions or comments please contact us on

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news and tips

★★ GAME TIPS !!! ★★

THE DROP SWITCH - Hit this again mid play to return your car back to the top if things don't work out or your car gets stuck.

PORTHOLES - Sometimes you need to go through these twice to get all the cash.

EASTER EGGS - Keep a lookout for some hidden extras and features throughout the game.

BOUNCERS - Hit these in the center to get the best bounce, hitting them on the side won't give as big a boost.

MAGNETS - These have a wide reach so can effect object right on the other side of a level. The magnatism also ends close to the actual magnet so that cars drawn to the magnet will start dropping as they reach the magnet. They take a bit of getting used to but are one of the most valuable tools in the game.

SCORING AND STARS - You get a top score by finishing a level in the least amount of drops using the least amount of objects. You need to get all the cash on the way to the crusher to get 3 stars. Each level also has a drop target shown under the Drop Switch. To get 3 stars you need to complete the puzzle, collect all the cash and get to the crusher in less drops than shown in the target.

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