iOS 5 Compatible
Dynamic Graphics
Compatible with iPhone & iPod Touch
High Tide  

There's a storm coming!

The tide is high and the race is on to make it home to your family with much needed supplies before the epic storm of all storms hits.
You are low on fuel, but high on skill, you must ride and jump the waves to soar high through the sky and use your fuel wisely to beat the storm and try and make it home safely.

The game play is simple but skilful - jump over the waves and build up momentum to get some serious air time to try and save your much needed fuel for the long journey home. The seas and skies are changing everyday and so does the game. Dynamically generated graphics will make 'High Tide' look and feel different every time you play.

Collect coins to help you top-up your fuel in those scary teeth-clenching situations or collect enough coins to unlock new vehicles with new challenges and unique capabilities.This arcade style action game is all about huge jumps, skilful pickups, sun snaps and beating the storm!


  • Stacks of missions & Game Center achievements
  • Cool worlds with varying weather conditions and bonus levels
  • 4 vehicles to master with their own unique capabilities
  • Simple two-touch game play - touch left side of screen to power up and right side of screen to dive
  • Great for all ages, easy to learn
  • Full community on Facebook
  • Play your own music in the background while you play
  • Very addictive game play with huge jumps, sun snaps, storm snuggles and gorgeous graphics.

Time is running out, the storm is approaching and only the most talented wave jumpers will make it home.

Official Trailer

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