DTC Update: Meet the Factory!

Drop the Chicken just received another major update with the inclusion of the new world 'The Factory'.

The Factory is by far the trickiest stage. The Chick magnets, a new awesome tool, are mega strong and used together will all the existing tools and multiples of themselves provide a new dimension to the game play and a new dynamic feel to the levels.

We also added some new obstacles, the rivets which allowed us to break up the game screen and mix up the solutions in a trickier way to previous stages.

This latest update also adds some more animations and sounds in game play to make it a bit more interesting as well as some minor bug fixes which speed up frame rate and improve performance on some of the older devices allowing us to open the game up to devices running earlier systems.

What's new in this new version:

  • Game Center and stacks of achievements
  • Ability to play your own music in the background
  • New drop switch with drop targets
  • New animations & sound effects
  • Support for earlier IOS versions
  • Game play and level improvements

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