Interview: PFOM - Insight behind Bouncy Bug and DTC

Our first interview about our iOS games 'Bouncy Bug' and 'Drop the Chicken' has gone live up on Pocketful Of Megabytes. In the interview, we discuessed a little about the background of AppInTheBox and also the inspiration behind Bouncy Bug and Drop The Chicken and the success of these games and what to expect in the future from AITB.

"PoM: What are appinthebox’s plans for the future? Are you going to be sticking with the App Store or could an appearance on other mobile platforms (3DS, Vita, Android) be on the cards?

AITB: Initially we’re focusing on the App Store until we get a foot hold in the industry. In the medium to long term we’re definitely interested in moving our titles onto various platforms. We’re here to stay and shape the mobile games industry and we’re keen to become one of the leading games developers."


You can read the full article here: Bouncing to Success – AppInTheBox Gives Insight Behind Bouncy Bug and Drop the Chicken