AITB Year in Review

The year is about to end and before we transition to a new and exciting 2012, a quick look back at a big year for AppInTheBox.

It has been an amazing year for AITB, releasing several new games and a couple of utility apps (we’re not just a one-show pony).

Our most successful game ‘Drop The Chicken’ is still being loved by millions of fans around the world, over 2 million now. We’re so proud of Chuck. DTC has also received so much coverage and stacks of admiration and we couldn’t be happier with the response.

We have been offering Drop the Chicken for FREE in 2011 and still will be in 2012 but only for short limited periods of time as a special thank you to our awesome fans, so keep an eye out.

The success in 2011 has pumped everyone up at AITB headquarters and as a company we have matured quite a bit along the way so we’re really excited to bring you even more awesome games and updates in 2012.

On a final note, we’d like to thank all our core fans who left positive reviews on all our games in 2011 and thanks to all those fans who have been spreading the word about Drop The Chicken to all their friends, we really appreciate it from all of us at AITB. See you in 2012!